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Suddenly realities are mixed with fantasies; from my childhood I was given these controversies and now celebrate having early lived together with these confusions.

I can confirm that it is part of the scheme that was approaching me to pictorial art!

In addition to the experiences that occur in a town full of traditions, festivals, legends and tilling the fields, where my life was gradually lapsing from my childhood through adolescence.

To live in this magical environment has enabled me to capture these fantastic concepts!


Calacas were appearing to me in calendas, playing the sones and jarabes, gladdening the heart and enjoying the mayordomía festival with mezcal and good viands.


What about the chicatanas dressed in regional costumes or as vendors on market day? Or grasshoppers in erotic frenzy in full moon nights.


Armadillos duet singing couplets straight to the heart. Turtles on a big kiss sealing their everlasting love.


Anyway, this great feast of colors and fantasy give me the answer: WHY DO I PAINT?.



Obras de arte del pintor y Artista Oaxaqueño Noé Díaz

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